Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp Introduction


  • Extended Time Care Options
  • Los Altos Public School Onsite Location
  • Experienced & Native Chinese Speaking Teachers
  • Suitable for students of all Chinese levels, from zero exposure to advanced speakers
  • Fun Activities and so much more!

A Novel Blend of Chinese Language, Chinese Culture and Inquiry-Based Activities!

Students learn Chinese language by engaging in brainstorming for different projects and activities of Chinese culture. The camp encourages students to gain intercultural perspectives in fun yet educational ways. Students will learn intercultural communication, empathy, creative thinking, design thinking, design art, logic, public speaking, visual communication, and much more!

Session 1:


Chinese Cuisine (6/15-6/19)

  • Chinese cuisine in different parts of China
  • A taste of China
  • Traditional Chinese snacks

Session 2:


Chinese Handicraft (6/22-6/26)

  • Chinese traditional arts & craft
  • Make clay artwork: bowls, figures, and vases.

Session 3:


Traditional Chinese Toys (8/3-8/7)

  • Learn about the history of traditional Chinese toys
  • Make toys: kite, hand drum, and more!

Session 4:


Four Great Inventions (8/10-8/14)

  • Learn about four great inventions: paper, fireworks, compass, and printing press.