Summer Camp Introduction

Welcome to Leshan Fantastic Fun and Learning Summer Camp 2018! Our summer camp will give your child an unforgettable experience in exploring splendid Chinese culture and nature this summer. The Leshan Fantastic Fun and Learning Summer


Camp 2018 includes four two-week sessions: Journey to Ancient China, Little Inventors, Farmer Camp and Show Camp. The curricula are designed in consideration of childhood development, educational professionalism, cultural diversity and students’ interests. Students will develop their academic and social skills in science, fine art, culture, outdoor activities and teamwork.


Get your hands moved! If your child loves hands-on challenges, our Little Inventors camp is your best choice. This camp offers your child the opportunity to learn about the four great inventions of China (printing, compass, papermaking and gunpowder) through immersive, hands-on, experiential lessons. Our priority is to inspire students’ curiosity to science and technology and build students’ confidence to dream and create. You don’t want to miss out on this fun and practical camp!


Farm camp is the most popular camp in Los Altos Chinese School. Students will enjoy harvest fun in planting vegetables and picking up fruits in our yard this summer. While working in the farm, student will learn about plant life cycle, farming methods and tools. After the harvest, our teachers will teach students how to cook the fruits traditionally in Chinese culture. Throughout the session, students will also explore the wonders of nature through artistic expression. They will save this farming experience through painting plants and making plant handicrafts. Last but not least, we believe your child will have a lot of fun in our farm bazaar where they can sell and buy vegetables and fruits.


Join Journey to Ancient China camp for learning China’s history and Chinese culture. This camp is divided into small sections based on the chronological order of China’s history from Spring and Autumn Period to Qing Dynasty. The activities are created in pairing with the features of historical periods. In this camp, students will learn Mandarin lessons, Chinese painting, Chinese poems, Chinese folk handicraft making and traditional Chinese games. Ancient China camp will inspire students’ passion for learning the Chinese history and culture.


Join Show Camp for an awesome three-week intensive session to be an outstanding stage performer. Through this collaborative creative process, students will have opportunities to develop auditioning skills, rehearsal procedures, and learn about sound, set construction and costumes. Our teachers will give students professional guidance to rehearse and perform musicals, magic shows, modeling shows for their friends and families. In combination with workshops, rehearsals and performances, this camp will scaffold students to enhance their language performing and acting abilities.


In Leshan Fantastic Fun and Learning Summer Camp 2018, we encourage our students to explore and experience a variety of interests. In addition to the four summer sessions, our school has invited professional instructors to offer enrichment courses this summer, including Chinese painting, robotics, cooking class, chess and etc.


Los Altos Chinese School has been working diligently to offer excellent educational programs and create life-long learning experiences for students in our community. We believe students will experience the spirit of adventure and Chinese culture while developing individual skills and self-confidence at Los Altos Chinese School. Join us at Leshan Fantastic Fun and Learning Summer Camp 2018!


Grade: students enrolled in Kindergarten – 3rd Grade in fall 2018


Registration with Discount Due Date:   April 6, 2018


5% discount for each week if register 4 weeks or more


Program Hours: Full day 8:30am – 4:00pm


Elective Program: 4:00pm-6:00pm


Location: 97 Hillview Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022